Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In Memory Of......

So I haven’t posted anything in awhile, I’ve been so busy working on crafts that I usually don’t get bed until at least after midnight every night. So you should check out my website at right now to see all my new projects!

The past 2 days I have thought so much of Bro. Eric and just how much I miss him. I think about all the trials that I have been through the past 3 years I think he would have just been able to hug my neck and wipe my tears away so many times. I hate it so bad that he is gone. I wish I had another chance just to tell him just exactly how much I loved him and much confidence I had in him. I hope that I will be able to help the young kids like he helped all of us. Bro. Eric was my hero in so many more ways than he will ever know he was. I wish I could just tell him how much he meant to me but as he looks down on me I hope he sees just how much I think about him and how much I miss and love him. He would be so proud of how I have done at Hytop. I can actually see him smiling, taking me by the neck and saying “Sis. Kendra you have done exactly what you were taught to do and the lord sees that and he will bless you for all you have done” It brings tears to my eyes… I loved his testimony about working for that phone company and how he so badly wanted to come to church on Wednesday night and how he went in the bathroom and prayed that the lord would help him and the lord showed him right where the problem was and how to fix it and he just went in there and told those people just everything and if I remember correctly he got a wonderful blessing that night… I loved hearing that testimony, a testimony that will stick with me forever. I am not bragging at all but I remember one time I had just got a good job so probably around 16-17 years old and my check was like $225 and the lord told me to give Bro. Eric and Sis. Mindy $200 and begin a young girl and leaving me only $25 was so hard… I remember praying and praying about it but the lord wanted me to give that to them and I knew he did. I remember putting it in an envelope and putting it in my purse and I told the lord if they are BOTH at church I will give them the money, but the money already wasn’t mine to keep... so anyways they both weren’t at church that night and it was like that money was burning a hole in my purse… I waited until after church and I ran outside and hollered for Sis. Mindy and I gave her the envelope and like ran lol so worried I would take it back… remember I was young here.. lol anyways it wasn’t much longer they came back to church and Bro. Eric got up and testified about how he was having to have surgery and they needed $200 down payment and they didn’t have it and that the lord let someone give them that money and man how thankful I was that I had listened to the lord. I am so glad the lord worked through me I wish he would more but that is probably more my fault than anyone’s…

I know this blog was probably boring to others but I feel so good.. I just have been thinking about you Bro. Eric for days and I miss you so much, can’t wait to see you and know that I love you so much and I still and try to take care of Sis. Mindy which I know you watch over her way better than I do.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have a NEW blog!!

I am sorry, but I have a new blog so you can keep up with me at

See ya there!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Evan & Miranda's Wedding 10/09/10

Oh yeah haha sorry no pics of Mirvan (nickname for Miranda & Evan) lol to busy just taking pics of us, well Beth was anyways, I forgot my camera.. oh well. Anyways you can enjoy pics of us instead :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010


We had a small get together at the house Sat night to watch the game.. poor Aiden is suffering with the TN hat on.. lol his blood runs Crimson thats for sure.. 2-0 baby!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Always thankful for daily miracles

I am so thankful, yes truly thankful that the lord performs miracles everyday like he does. I was in need of one Sunday morning before I was even out of bed and didn't even know it. Sam had to be at work Sunday morning at 6 and he leaves around 5 he'd already came & told me bye and everything & the next thing I know my bedroom light is coming on & it's Sam saying he is about to loose it and I can tell he is upset. He had only got maybe 2-3 miles down the road from our house & had a bad wreck, he hit a deer..his air bag deployed and everything. The miracle being that he usually ALWAYS takes my car to work over the weekends since I don't work and it gets better gas milage but for some reason (the lord only knew) he took his truck Sunday morning and Sam said if he would've took the car it would've been alot worse, the deer probably would've broke the windshield, so I am very thankful cause Sam walked away with not a scratch on him and very little soreness, I am just thankful cause we can fix/replace the truck but we can't Sam... once again my God is so wonderful!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I think that all is needed here in this post is ROLL TIDE ROLL baby, what a great way to start the season off, I am soooo excited!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Free $100 Wal-mart Gift Card Anyone?

I have a way you can make $100 Walmart card instantly for 90 mins of your time. NO it isn't a scam or fake.. Sam & I just bought new windows about a yr ago & they called today & said they had a referral program & anyone that was a homeowner with metal or wood windows qualified for a free $100 Walmart gift card, all you gotta do is let me turn in your name & they will set up a time to come to your house & talk about their windows but you get the $100 Walmart gift card that night without buying ANYTHING, so everyone likes a $100 for FREE right???